Slack Integration for new themes

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I am looking for an app that can automatically post to slack when a new theme is published which also allows commenting.

Shopify Partner
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This is an accepted solution.

Something like this would have to be custom coded.

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Check out the Shopify command-set that works with Slack ( These commands work directly from Slack and can be customized to your requirements. You will need to add Nimbella commander to Slack. Just look in the apps in Slack app directory or add to Slack from After you add to slack run  

/nc csm_install shopify

 this will add pre-built command to slack:

## Commands
orders - Get a detailed list of orders .
add_note <order_id> <note> - Add a note to an existing order.
inventory [<search_words>] - Get inventory numbers for products.
products_sold [<search_terms>] - Get sale numbers for products in shop.
shopify - View command set documentation

These are open-sourced so you can customize but that's not the only advantage. You can create as many new commands you want and collaborate with your teams so anyone whom you want to give visibility has it.