Slightly different currency convertor app needed

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I'm looking for a currency convertor app that lets me do the following:


1. Geolocates the users. Anybody located in Thailand gets THB, everybody else gets USD.


2. Lets me set the prices of each product in USD manually. I don't mean a manual conversion based on a value - I mean change the actal price of the product variants to a figure of my chosing unrelated to the THB price.


Number 1 is easy obviously, number 2 I haven't seen on app yet.


Website is here:


If no apps exist with this function, any suggested workarounds?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @TCS,


Nick here from Shopify. 


I had a look through the app store to find the best Geolocation apps available. One I found which could be worth looking into further is Automatic Currency. It seems to be the best Geolocation app with the most ratings and applicable to what you're looking to do. If the app can't do no.2 for you, reaching out to the developer directly to ask them if this is a potential feature request update. You can reach them directly at or from their website here


Another app which you could look into is Geolocation Redirect, but I'm not sure if that app would enable you to alter any pricing. 


The price of a product is often set once you set it, but it might be possible to add some metafields and see if they can help achieve what you're looking for. Personally, this is something I wouldn't be very knowledgable about and would suggest talking to a Shopify Expert as a small task job.  


Hope this helps! 


All the best, Nick

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Currency Converter has no.1 in your request, but it doesn't have no.2. The app is FREE at all. Maybe you like that.

Good luck!