Smart Tags App.

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I love this app and we use it for our business but it's been months where we have tried to contact customer service and they do not respond. Is this an active app on shopify still? We pay for this monthly and it is unfortunate that we cannot get the support we need.

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Try our application we insist before installing check our user's review on our support system he just posted today

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Hi there,

My name is Aamir and I'm the founder of Auto Tags.

I've launched the app a few months ago and merchants are loving the app so far because of the flexibility it offers coupled with our commitment to provide great customer service as you can judge by going through the app reviews.

There are still some missing features in the app that we're aware of and we're actively working on fixing those gaps but at the same time we're always listening to our customers -- e.g, we've managed to build multiple feature requests coming from merchants within a day of receiving the request and we're always trying to prioritize feature requests directly coming from merchants in order to unblock them faster. If you do decide to give it a try and if you find anything missing, just let me know --