Smarter Product Kitting/Bundling

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I offer individual parts for people to buy such as a case, buttons, wiring, etc. and when they get the parts they can assemble it. Right now, I offer a Kit using Bold's Product Kits which works well but there are some drawbacks specifically:


I have to have 4 different kits setup for a particular setup because there are no conditional options. What I mean is, parts of the kit aren't optional or selectable between two different phsysical types only variants of one (colors of the same type of item). For example I offer USB connectors, RJ45 connectors, and a specialized connector that can all fit in one spot of a case;  a customer can install any one of them but I have to offer three kits that have each of these as an option instead of one kit that lets you choose the type of connector you want (and subsequent color variant).  Not a huge deal but now that I am expanding and looking for more options it is becoming tedious. 


My new use case that is prompting me to look for more options is say a customer selects one of my kits and doesn't want to assemble it. I offer a build out service that lets them choose from items in a dropdown box using Bold Product Options. These options, while I carry each in my store, aren't tied to my inventory at all. So a customer can select a build service and choose the buttons they want and could oversell them. Moreover, if I want to offer different manufacturers of buttons I would have to have two different build forms, and worst off mixing one manufacturer with another would be impossible.


What I would like to setup is something as follows:


1. They select the lever they want; It presents them with all the levers I sell in my store. They choose one.

2. They select the 8 buttons they want: It presents them will all the buttons I sell in my store. Those choose one manufacturer and color they want.

3. And so forth. Some options may just be one option with a simple color choice, others may just be one option no choices.


In the end it adds all the parts to their shopping cart and maintains my inventory properly. 


Any big brains out there solved something like this before?