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To keep things uncomplicated, let's say I run my own cellular network and we offer 6 models of cellular telephones. The customer would from our site:
1) Select their cell phone ($100 to $300)
2) Choose a variety of 12 airtime-related features such as voice-mail, call forward, call waiting etc (each feature at $10)
3) Pay a mandatory flat pay-in-advance annual fee of $100 for airtime (unlimited use)
4) Pay a one-time activation/set-up of $37
5) Also, if the customer bought our cell phone from a retailer, we still need them to come here and buy their airtime, set-up and features from this site
6) Lastly, after 12 months, the customer has to come back to our site to buy another year's worth (less set-up cost)

We have our own website, we only really need this specific issue resolved and to make it transparent to our customers.
I am NOT programming savvy .... we do have a couple of developers that are.

We wish to go the Shopify way as we don't wish to at this point have our own shopping cart system developed. Our developers have lots of other back-end network related work, we only wish to have an easy purchase process for our customers .... and have the information be imported into our database so we can actually turn these units on and ship them out

Thanks for reading this long shout-out.

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By default, Shopify's products are not flexible enough to handle this exact kind of setup, but you should be able to get something that works. Here is one possible way to set up your products:

* One Product that includes the charges (#1 above) for a cell phone, (#3 above) for flat fee and (#4 above) for the activation fee. It could have variants for each cell phone thats available.

* Each of the twelve related features would have to be products of their own and you would have to trust that your customers wouldn't buy those without buying a phone. Or if you are using authorization and capture, don't capture orders for features if they don't also have a phone.

* Their would also need to be a product that didn't include a cell phone, just the flat fee and activation (for #5 above). You would need to ask the customer for their phone id number or some kind of unique identifier.

* The last product would be the renewal of another year's service. Once again you would need to ask the customer for their unique phone id number.

Hope that helps

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