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Here's my wish:

I'm looking for an app where I can type in some keywords and it will search out influencers of certain criteria (e.g. specifiy a minimum # of followers on Insta/Twitter/etc and uses certain hashtags or shares certain types of content). Then will display this info along with contact details for the influencers so I can mass-email/message invite them to our brand ambassador program.

Plus one-click to follow them on various networks.


Any ideas?

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Check out

you can get what you are looking for using this tool




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Hi !

Did you find anything on this? Would be curious to hear results?

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There are a lot of tools, here is the list:  Those with the tage `Search and discovery` should fulfill your need. 

At the same, I wanna introduce the FarOut app, which is available in the Shopify App Store. 

It is the first platform that converts every of your customers into a social media influencer. So, every customer will go and share a CUSTOM post (not a generic link) about your store on their choice of social media, in exchange for a discount from you.

A win/win, hassle free strategy for both sides: stores & customers.

  • You (as the store) can create your campaign in less than 1–2 minutes by just deciding on the reward details.
  • And a customer needs to pick a photo and write a comment; then the platform will automatically create a ready-to-share photo that includes their photo, comment, rating, an automatic-generate discount code, and the store’s website, social media page and hashtags.
  • The platform automatically tracks the customer's post, validates it, and activates the discount code that can be used by both the current customer and their followers (new customers).

If interested, go ahead and try the app for one-month free and let me know if you have a question ( )