Software + hardware subscription solution

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Hi there, 

We are looking for an app solution for our Shopify store.

We are selling hardware + software subscriptions.

The desired user flow is the following – customer buys software subscription(monthly or annual) + hardware + cable (few to choose from). Hardware and cable are a one-time purchase and a subscription is a recurring payment.

Required Features:

Each of the items (subscription, hardware, cable) can only be bought together, each item is required. (only 1 hardware and 1 cable per subscription)
Conditional logic – If the annual plan is chosen then the hardware is free, otherwise, it is not.
Subscription is automatic through the Shopify checkout and payments.
The solution has to support Shopify international domain feature – so that the same products would have different options() and prices for different domains connected to one Shopify account.

Is there any app/apps that can do that?