Sort Orders by item Collection

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I have a client who supplies products to clients running their own different Shopify sites.  Currently my client's clients add the products to their websites and my client logs in to the admin of each site separately to download the orders relevant to them (the clients often offer other items from different suppliers who all have their own way of downloading items specific to themselves).  My clients don't seem to be able to sort out the orders only relevant to them.  

I'm wondering if anyone could recommend an app or system that could fit what we are looking for.  The requirement is:-

* single login that then connects to multiple client Shopify sites.
* select only the orders relating to their products (some kind of sort process)
* mark their items as in progress once the order has been downloaded (ideal but not essential)
* mark their items as shipped, leaving other products for the relevant suppliers to deal with (there may be items on orders from multiple suppliers).

I think the above are the main requirements of my client and wondered if anyone else had a similar problem - or a solution.

Many thanks