Stitch Labs Alternative?

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I have used Stitch Labs since I started my business 7 years ago - trouble is they keep jacking the price and its becoming too expensive for us.


Honestly I dont even use it for all the bells & whistles. I primarily use it as a place to input new wholesale orders and to track previous wholesale orders etc.


I am sure I can find something . . . but I am wondering if there are any options that can import all my existing data somehow. I'd hate to lose 7 years of records, but its the only place that data lives!!


Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


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Hi David,

we might be able to help. i'm a data scientist turned entrepreneur, focusing on helping ecommerce stores automate their insights and monetize. What kind of functionality are you looking for with inventory management? if your data is all on shoify we should be able to process that no sweat. LMK if you want to chat more, thanks!

John Chao,