Storage Business - Warehouse Management Inquiry

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Hi, I'm new to the Shopify community, so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place. I run a trucking and storage business for college students (located in Missouri). Most students store 6 or so moving boxes along with some other loose items such as a mirror.

Our warehouse is about 20,000 sq. ft of all open space. We divide the warehouse up like a parking garage, with one parking space for each student. In the past, we have used paper invoices and manually "vault" a students' belongings by writing the parking space where we store their belongings on our paper invoices. This makes it difficult to find any individual students' belongings as we have to go through hundreds of paper invoices to find where any student's items are located.

My vision is that, with Shopify, each customer or each order will have a unique barcode. That barcode will be placed on each of their items and will serve as an easy way to identify which customer the item belongs to without searching for where they've written their name on the box (big time saver). Each parking space would have a unique barcode as well. The idea would be that we'd scan each customers' item and then the parking space and that the item would be successfully vaulted in that parking space. This way, when we look up a customer in our system, we'd be able to see which parking space we've stored their items in. 

There are a few hurdles as I see it. We'd first need an app that could generate unique barcodes for each order or customer (opposed to a barcode for each product as most apps do) and we'd then need an app that allows us to scan the customer barcode and then the parking space barcode to indicate the location of the item in our warehouse.

It very well may be easier to just add in the parking space number in order notes or as an order tag. But, with that solution, we wouldn't have the benefit of scanning a barcode on an item and knowing which customer or order that box was associated with (I anticipate this will help us cut down on lost or unmarked items).

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all so much for your feedback; I am very grateful!