Store to store cross-selling

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I'm having trouble searching for an app that I first found months ago but forgot to save. 

We have co-branded a product with another brand selling on Shopify. We both sell products that happen to synergize well; they manufacture a widget, and we manufacture a case for that widget. 

Instead of us each stocking and inventory-ing the other brand's product in our respective warehouses, we'd like to link our Shopify product listings to appear on each others' store.

The app I'm looking for promised to sync the product page so when Mfg A updates the product page for Widget A, the listing on MFG B's store for Widget A is also updated. When a customer places an order for Widget A on Mfg B's store, Mfg A's store generates a standard dropship PO to ship the product directly to Mfg B's customer, seamlessly. 

I hope I've explained myself well enough. You can see why it's difficult to search for this on the Shopify App store.