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Hello Everyone,


I'm looking to see if anyone is aware of an app or a way to go about handling the following:

We are a farm who also has other local farms on our website.  We have placed the participating farms with in a collection and added it to our navigation menu which seems to isolate the products of each farm well. 


The issue is at checkout.  When our community/customers add items from one farm into their cart they also have the ability to add an additional item from another farm.  Which causes a problem for us.  Essentially we are a store with in a store.  We would like to have a minimum purchase amount with each individual farm.  Can we do that with in a collection?  Are there parameters we can set to keep them in the collection, maybe once a item is "tagged" with one of out farm names and placed in the cart,  the customer will have purchase a minimum amount  of other items with the same farm "tag"?  Just brain storming... as you can see also have no idea.   We are also a bunch of hard working farmers not hard working techies.   We would all appreciate some guidance.  Hope you are all staying safe!