Subscription Box with an extra feature

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I've been looking through 3rd party apps for subscription/re-current payment, but I'm looking for a feature that no app is providing so far. 


my idea is to have a baby/toddler subscription box 0- 36 months,  where every 2 months the family will be charged and  will receive a box.


The problem is, during the checkout/buying, the family will input the kid age. for example (1yr- 2months ) ( 14 months).


so now the  subscription will be  from 14 months - 36 months  ( 11 boxes in total), after that the subscription need to be terminated automatically, because the kid already 36 months old


So basically, I'm looking for a recurring payment/subscription that will consider the kid age for the subscription period.  



hope I was clear enough,


Thanks in Advance.