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can anyone reccommend the following?

1) best them to use for a subscription box service?

2) best app to use for subscription boxes?

thank you so much.

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Hi, Joe! 

Alicia here, from the Shopify Guru team!

I'd love to provide some recommendations for you! You can actually use whichever theme you love because the theme itself will make use of whatever product you are offering - even if it's subscription boxes! The real magic will be in the app you decide to go with, as the app will be what creates the subscription portion of your product for you. I've gone ahead and pulled some great options from the Shopify App Store for you to take a look at! They are:

Recurring Payments & Subscription Boxes; free! 

Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold; $19.99/month, free trial for 90 days! 

Recurring Memberships; $9.99 – $49.99/month, free trial for 30 days! 

Recurring Billing by Checkend; $16.95/month, free trial for 21 days. This app is still in beta mode. 

It really comes down to choosing the app that you enjoy the most and works best for you! Since all apps listed above are either free or have a free trial period, you can easily test them all out and find the perfect fit for you! I hope these recommendations help you out, Joe! Please reach back out if you have any further questions at all - always more than happy to help out! 

All the best,

Alicia D. | Shopify Guru

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A few questions:
1. Did you find a solution to this?
2. Do you do local deliveries only?

Looking to build a Shopify app for this use case, and just doing research to see if there is a need.

Thanks, Sam.