Subscription Orders on set months of the year

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Hi there guys

I want to offer a subscription product to my clients that goes out on certain months of the year, to everybody at once. The frequency would probably be quarterly so every 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th month of the year.

So regardless of whether I signed up in the 1st month or the 2nd month I should recieve my first order in the 3rd month and then every 3 months from there onwards.

Is there anybody out there who is accomplishing this currently?


Note I am currently using the Bold recurring orders app however they have told me they unfortunately do not support this. I have also spoken to ReCharge and they have told me this could be accomplished however I would need to do some manual downloading & updating of CSVs to send to them. 

If there is an automated way to do this that would be the ideal plan.


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Hey Mikey - did you ever find a solution? I'm currently working with Bold on this as well, with no luck.