Subscription Payment Option For Buy Button

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I was initially wanting to build a WordPress site and use Shopify Lite for the checkout process, which I have done multiple times with great success. However, my client needed a subscription payment option for their site, which to my disappointment isn't possible with Shopify Lite. Reason being, the subscription apps require an online store to be set up. Customer was happy to use Shopify Basic and we looked to achieve the same outcome. So I tried a couple of subscription apps and they show up nicely on a Shopify store, however they aren't displaying through the Buy Button, just the normal price is. 

Are there any subscription apps that offer this option, apart from Bold Subscriptions which I have heard does but is ridiculously expensive compared to other subscription apps.

To confirm, we want to use the buy buttom to display a collection of products on a WordPress site and have those products display a normal purchase options along with a subscription purchase option. We are happy to use Shopify Basic for this, we just need a free or reasonably priced app that enables us to do this. I was hoping someone would know as I don't want to manually test 20+ apps. 

Appreciate any help! 

Thanks, Caleb