Subscriptions, tiered pricing across variants, and discounts

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I'm having a difficult time finding the right combination of apps to create the following scenario. I'd like to be able to offer tiered pricing across products and their variants (i.e. a 10pack of product x and a 10 pack of product y = quantity of 2+ tiered discount) AND offer subscription services, AND be able to offer a discount box in the checkout page as well. It seems many apps are using draft orders which disables the discount box. I've come close, but because I'm trying to accomplish this with multiple products and 2 variants each, it's seemingly difficult. the issue I can't seem to solve is when I have "cross-variant tiered/quantity discount" turned on for 10 packs and 20 packs, if someone purchases a 10 pack and a 20 pack, the system gives them the 2+ discount for both, even though they only purchased 1 of each variant. If anyone can recommend a combination of apps that can help me accomplish this while also keeping the discount box functionality, I would be very appreciative. 

Thank you