[Success Story] Doubled My Conversion Rate Overnight

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I wanted to write this post for anyone who struggles like I did to achieve a good conversion rate. For months I hovered around 1% and the profitability of my paid advertising was diminishing. Something needed to be changed.


I gathered reviews, improved my images and description and made sure my pricing was competitive. Result? A .5% increase. Good but not great..


I knew I needed something more so I decided to try Quick Buy Bonus on the Shopify app store. And WOW. 


I mean the app created the urgency I was looking for and had timers, buy now buttons and exit intent pop ups all in one app. Results? A 3.25% conversion rate OVERNIGHT!


Here's my Sep. 4th report.



Here's my Sept. 5th report.



I was able to double my sales with less visitors! 90% of my traffic comes from FB and IG advertising and none of it changed from the 4th to the 5th. Even a month later my conversion rate doesn't drop below 3%. I hope this post ended up helping any of you who maybe are getting sales but need that little boost to really start seeing the results. 



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do the pops ups and such slow your site speed?