Suggestions for a variation/bundle app with swatches

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Hi there.

I need some suggestions for an app or solution to my bundled products.

I sell babies bed sheets. We have lots of different prints available and sell the majoirty of them in a mixed bundle of three at a slightly discounted rate to purchasing individually. 

At present, we have a mixed pack product listing with its own SKU, with a drop down box on the product page with each of the combination of prints listed (currently 4). The mixed product SKU is what shows on the customer invoice, and this SKU pushes across to my fulfillment centre which is identified as the three individual sheets in that SKU. 

The issue with this is that it makes it difficult to see which individual line item is selling the best and makes my accounting more complex than it needs to be.

As we introduce new prints, there will be an exponential number of variaitons now available, which will be cluttered as a drop down box and create a huge increase in my accounting workload.

I am looking for an app or solution that will allow me to keep the mixed pack product listing, however within this listing have a swatch of each print available. The customer will need to select their three choices from those available, and each swatch will link pack to the inidivual product SKU. The invoice will ignore any SKU for the mixed pack and only show the three individual print SKU's. 

I know that there are apps that can do this, however that are incredbily complex and I cannot figure out how to imtegrate them. The supporting documentation is extremely simplified. I am pretty saavy with regards to store setup etc, so I don't want to completely outsource the integration, as I need to manage the mixed packs myslef ongoing. I need someone that can step me through the process.

Thanks in advance!


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Here is a Selly bundle demo:

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