Suggestions on how to solve dynamic redirects between shops

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So, we have 3 identical shopify shops, in different TLD and language (no, dk, eu). We also have a popup that asks the customer if they prefer another language shop. However, the redirect is static and only redirects to the front page. I am looking for a method to offer dynamic redirection, so if a customer views, the are offered a redirect to In this way the customer lands the same place regardless of the landing page they entered. I am using Aiva to display the country choose popup, but they cannot do the dynamic url part. Can you council me if there is an app or method I can employ to solve this need for our shops?

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We are adding that feature to our upcoming app for multi-store subscriptions.
We are still waiting for approval on the app store, however i can post the link here and maybe it has features that work for you. The app is currently stable and install-able, just going through the App Store  process.
(there is a video at the bottom of the page with a showcase of features)
The app can be installed at this link as well, using the textbox in the call-out below the main article

Before we release the complete multi store/multi-product association feature, we do have a zone-based redirect feature that allows setting up rules like this simply via URL.


The current task we are working on is to allow multi-store product listing. Any customer-specific features or tweaks we can add to the App, we gladly will. We are trying to attack all angles of the localization problem in a comprehensive, powerful API. 

If you are considering giving this a shot and need any help, send me a ping :)