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I am thinking of switching to Shopify for my POS System. I am currently using Vend for POS and Shopify for eCommerce. My issue is that Shopify does not have a space for supplier codes under each product. I've seen a couple of other posts talking about this issue, but could not find a solution. I have tried multiple metafield apps to add in a custom field, but I am not able to search for my products based on my supplier code metafield (through Shopify or through each app I've tried).


I saw someone suggested using product tags for this, but each individual item has its own supplier code and I have thousands of products; so that doesn't seem like it would work well. Does anyone have a workaround for me to be able to enter my supplier codes AND be able to search my products based on the supplier code? Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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Hello @Kim4 


Ultimate Filter & Search allows you to control the search index and add the Metafields to the Search field. The set-up is easy without any coding skills.




It offers 14-days free trial at


You can set up the widget on an unpublished theme and test all the advanced features without affecting your live store.


I hope it can help.


You can choose an unpublished theme to set up the widget and test all the advanced features without affecting your live store.


I hope it can help.

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Hi Kim, 

We here at Tegen Accessories are having the same issue. We have recently stopped using Vend and Shopify, and have switched to just Shopify but are missing having our supplier code field so much! Please let me know if you find any other ways to rectify this. 

I hadn't heard about product tags - but good idea! I will try this also. 

Many thanks, 


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I too am using Vend for POS and Shopify for e-commerce.  One of the biggest reasons why I haven't switched over is my reliance on supplier codes for much of my inventory.  I'm not really sure that metafields are the answer (though it does look like an awesome search booster), so the suggested app (Ultimate Product Search+Filter) seems like the wrong tool for the job.  Has anyone found a solution yet?