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Hi guys!


We're looking for an app that will help us do the following:

1. Compare 2 variants side-by-side.

2. First variant is a normal product, second variant is the same product with a gift box.

3. First variant is cheaper than the second variant.

4. We'd like to show that second variant is a better deal, because they get the gift box.

5. We'd like to be able to choose with option is pre-selected.


Second option we'd like to try is to compare the variants by size and showcase the better one:

1. Variant 1: 6 pack (price per pack = $5); Variant 2: 8 pack (price per pack = $4); Variant 3: 10 pack (price per pack = $3).

2. We'd like to show that it makes sense to purchase Variant 3, because price per unit is lower.

3. We'd need an app that could clearly show that to a user.


All the swatch apps we've tried are pretty basic - they don't let us do the price comparison between the two variants and showcase the better option. If there's no app like this, we're also prepared to hire someone to develop a custom solution for us.




Yes possible via custom apps.

Thank you,

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