Syncing Tracking information with multiple stores

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Hi there,


I am using Syncio to push orders from 4 different stores to my destination store which is connected to my warehouse. My warehouse ads the tracking information to the order in the destination store, but there is no option in the syncio app to push the shipping information back to the source store. My stores are in different languages, so I would like the notifications to be in the correct language, which is why I need the tracking information to be synced to the store where the original order was made. 


Does anyone know an app that would take care of this?



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Hi Manita, our automation app, Mesa ( is able to sync fulfillments and their tracking info between shops the way you've described. Feel free to either schedule a demo from our website ( or just send an email directly to our team ( and they will be happy to help you get started and guide you through the setup of your automation.