System builder App?

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Does anyone know of an app that lets you build out a system from items in your product database? Something like building a custom computer. You don't necessarily have to pick everything from the same brand. 


First you pick a case, then you have a choice of motherboards that fit that case. Then CPUs. Based on the number of memory slots on the MB, you have to choose at least one for Slot 1. Then slots 2 through X would optional and you would have a list of memory options, per slot to choose from. Then Hard drive 1 slot, with a variety of types and sizes. Then HD Slot 2, etc. 


Then, once you run through the all required selections and any other options, you end up with a list of items to order. If you are satisfied, you can add them to your cart and checkout. 


I have seen an app that lets you build out a single configured item, with adders or reductors, depending on what you select. But I haven't seen anything that builds out a system like I am describing. 


Thanks in advance.

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You could use a product options app to do this.

The case would be used as your main product and would dictate which fields/options are offered for that specific case.

We offer a Custom Product Options app. This app includes many different field types and no restraints on amount of fields or options you can have.

You can see the listing and an example of the app working at the following links:

Shopify Listing

Example Store


This app also includes the ability to add conditional logic and add a charge for options.

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