Table-based surcharge added to regular carrier-based shipping rates?

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Hi, I'm wondering if/how I can add table pricing on top of carrier shipping rates. We ship temperature-sensitive items, so I'm trying to set up our shipping so that for 1 - 10 products in that particular category ('Temperature-Sensitive"), an extra $8 is added for special boxes and materials to keep things cold (then another $8 for items 11 - 20 in that category, etc.). So basically, I believe we need a tiered surcharge, calculated by the number of products in a specific category, added on top of normal carrier-calculated rates.


Does anyone know of a solution along these lines, app or otherwise? Thanks!!

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May I know which carrier you are using?

With the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app, you can adjust the shipment price by a percentage value for all the services/selected services provided by the carrier.


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Will this help in your case?

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