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Hi Everyone,

We've just launched Talkalytics a real-time customer analytics platform which is launching exclusively on Shopify.

With Talkalytics, you'll get a complete understanding about the makeup of your customer base including metrics like: Age, Gender, Household Income, Education, Marital Status and many more.

Moreover, you'll get to see demographic trends in your customer base over time. Another great feature we offer is the ability to see 'New Customers by State' and 'Popular Products by State'.

The goal of Talkalytics is to provide you with the data needed for more effective targeting in your marketing campaigns. See the tour page for use case examples.

Currently, we're awaiting beta approval from Shopify but (naturally) we're excited to bring on new users.

You can Install Talkalytics from the Shopify app store or signup at the site.

I encourage you to sign up for the free plan so you can try us out. 

Any and all feedback is welcome. Thoughts on pricing? What features are missing? Why did you sign up? Why didn't you sign up? Was something not clear

Feel free to email me directly with any feedback or if you just want to talk about the product.

Thanks for trying us out.

-- Brandon Hall

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Does anyone know if a product like this exists? It looks like Talkalytics is no longer in service...

I'm trying to see which customer demographics are purchasing which products. My client has a compression socks business with 100+ SKUs and most are unisex. I know which demographics are better audiences from my Facebook ads, but I don't know what they're buying. This data would be great for developing creatives using products that better fit those audiences, as well as creating new sock styles for those audiences.

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HI bgolden126, did you ever find what you were looking for?  We have been doing this type of work for larger companies for years and are looking to extend these services to smaller shopify stores.  Would love to chat about what you ended up finding.