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I'm curious to know if anyone is aware of an app that tallies orders by product. To use an example from an older post: "how many apples and oranges did I sell this week?"

It's easy to see how many apples and oranges were sold to an individual customer, but when you have hundreds of orders, it's much more difficult (and tedious).

What are some solutions for this now?

Here are some that come to mind: Exporting to CSV and organizing manually, Sales by Product under Analytics (not sufficient), private apps, any others?

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You should be able to find a report you want under inventory reports: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/reports-and-analytics/shopify-reports/report-types/inventory-repo...

Check out Quantity sold as you can define a date range.

We build custom reports for users but from what you need you probably only need the default Shopify ones.



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Hi Nelson,

Rishika here from Better Reports.

Yes, I would recommend our app Better Reports for this.

We can show the orders by product along with the quantity sold for a given time period. It is also possible to filter the orders based on the fulfilment status (E.g. show quantities pending fulfilment).

We can also show the total quantity of a product sold during the week or for the selected date range. For example, 10 apples and 5 oranges during the week.

You can also schedule the report to be sent automatically to your email or google drive at a regular cadence (say weekly/monthly).

It Is possible to export the report in CSV, Excel or PDF formats.

I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial and I'll be happy to set this up for you.

Let me know how you go, and feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

Disclaimer: I am part of Better Reports support team.

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Hi @wnelson,

I am John from Report Pundit.

It is possible to summarize orders by product with the Report Pundit app. You can also filter, sort, and automate the reports to email, google drive, Big query. There are more than 80 pre-created reports from which you can choose.

Also, with Report Pundit you can get to know the sales trends based on the past data available like, seasonality of sales, products that have sold better than others,  potential sales growth, order average value and which sales channel are performing best, etc.

You can test the reports with the 14-day free trial. The cost of the app is between $15 and $70 a month for any type of custom reports and automation.


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