Tax calculation based on cost and sales price

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We have a store where we sell 2nd hand items. These items have a special way of tax calculation.



Cost of item 50€

Sales price 60€

Normally VAT is 21%, which means the final price that a customer sees is 72,60€.


In this case, VAT should be calculated on the "profit", 60 - 50 = 10€.

Final price should be 62,10€ (21% of 10€ is 2,10€).


Is there any existing app that can manage this? Is this even possible in Shopify?


Another option would be to create a seperate product with the price of 10€. Charge VAT on that product, but not on the main item.


Does anyone have any idea if something like this exists, or if it is easy to create?


Thank you