Tax invoice sent to store owner for fulfilment

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Hello, I am building this site for my client and they require that once a customer makes payment for an order, a tax invoice email is to be emailed to them(the client) which they will print and use to fulfil the order. Its a wine distribution company their systems require a tax invoice to fulfill orders - we are trying to plug in seamlessly with their systems.

Its unclear which app would be the correct option for this functionality - there are just so many its just a bit overwhelming. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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You can use Order Automator to automatically send an email with order line items + shipping + tax + total price to an email address you choose.

My team built the app so if you need additional data fields or customization give us a shout and we can set you up.

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Amazing thank you so much.
I have installed the app to play around, but maybe I can just ask a
question to start.

Once a payment is made, my client is needing a tax invoice pdf to be mailed
to them to initiate the fulfillment process (they are a big distribution
company and so we are having to dovetail with their systems). Is this
something that is doable with Order Automator?

Let me know when you have a second,