Tax rates for specific customers and products

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I have an issue where I need to apply tax relief to specific products for specific customers, but from what I can tell this cannot be accomplished in Shopify.


Just as a bit of background this is for a medical supply store in the UK. If you are a disabled customer you are able to buy certain products with no tax (more information can be found here). This then leads to the following situations:

  • Customers without disabilities pay tax on all products.
  • Customers with disabilities pay no tax on some products, and pay tax on others.

To accomplish this we were planning on adding an option during check out to apply tax relief. This would send the information to our API which would create a draft order with the correct tax applied. The issue being that I cannot create a draft order with the correct tax rules applied in these separate cases. I either create the draft order line item with a reference to the product and variant ids (but that in turn overrides the tax rules) or I create a custom line item with the correct tax (which then does not link correctly to the real product).


I know you are able to set tax exemptions for whole orders, but is there a way to apply tax exemption per product on the fly?