Testers Needed! New Shopify App for Returns & Refunds

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Hi everyone!

My name's Mike and I'm one of the creators of a free new Shopify app that gives store owners a beautiful dashboard for returns and refunds so you can lower them and keep more revenue!

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Given the insane holiday season we just had, I know some stores are starting to see an increase in returns and refunds so hopefully this is coming at a perfect time.

The app allows you to do three things at the moment:

  1. Know your overall refund rate and how much those refunds have cost you

  2. See refund trends overtime to see when refunds spike and understand if that big holiday promotion led to poor quality revenue

  3. Understand what's driving refunds by looking at the refund rate by products, types and vendors that result in refunds

We have more planned, but want to hear from store owners first–is this helpful?

Alpha Testers Needed!

We're currently looking for alpha testers meeting the following criteria:

  1. You sell things online via Shopify

  2. Have product returns and refunds you issue via Shopify

  3. Have time to test the app and provide feedback (may contain the odd bug)

If that's you, send me a message or even better, sign up for our waitlist and we'll send you an invite in the coming weeks.

If you have questions, happy to answer them here!