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Noticed a lot of third party apps need to "manage your online store"...when it says the app "will be able to access data such as blog commenter email addresses, IP addresses, and browser user agents" what does this mean? Who's IP addresses...visitors to my store? Customers of my store? What are browser user agents?  Here's the message below:

"Manage your Online Store

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This includes pages on your Online Store, theme, and script tags in your Online Store.

Product Filter & Search will be able to access data such as blog commenter e-mail addresses, IP addresses, and browser user agents."

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Hi tesstesting,


It's referring to people who post comments on your blog posts. When they post a comment, their email, IP address and browser is captured.


Browser User Agents, it's how the browser the commenter was using is identified. e.g Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.

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