This app turns all your customers into influencers

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Hi everyone, 

My name is Sina, and we've recently built a new Shopify app called FarOut that’s increasing traffic and social proof for your business. 

Business owners love FarOut because it lets all your customers leave glowing reviews on their social media, and if they get 10 likes/views they earn 20% off (or whatever else you decide) at your store. 

And all their friends get a promo code for your store, too. It basically turns every happy customer, even with private accounts, into an influencer! Customers love the discounts and business owners love the TONS of new customers it creates.

What customers share looks like this (auto-generated by FarOut based on customers' personalized pictures and comments):














FarOut can also display all those amazing 5-star photo reviews on your product pages if you want.

Now, the best part is that because I'm running a pilot program, you actually get it FREE for the first year! Just install the app through the link below, choose the commission-based plan, and you good to go:

However, we’re limiting our free one-year pilot program to just 20 businesses. So please install ASAP and remember you can delete the app anytime as there is no commitment or anything!

We’re just hoping you love FarOut as much as our other users do, get some feedback, and when you see sales go up, you help us spread the word!

To get your free year of FarOut, or if you just want to chat for 10 minutes and hear more about all the ways FarOut can drive more business for you, just call or text me at +1-703-887-9980. Or you can respond to this post or DM me, whatever you like. 

I’m excited for you to get more social media buzz, more customers, and more revenue!

Talk soon!

Sina Dabiri

New Member
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Hello, I downloaded your app for my site. I wanted to now if I qualified for the free year by doing so. My Shopify site is not yet live as I am transferring my site over from wix.  But you can check out my site at Our site should be live no later than the end of next week through Shopify.


Thanks for your time!


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@rachaelk89 Thank you for your trust. Yes, absolutely. You've got covered. For launching the campaign, please choose the commission-based plan; but don't worry! you won't get charged (I should just request it manually). 

Btw, a new feature for review collection is also coming soon   

You have all my contact info from the post. So don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We're flexible enough to work closely with our early adopters. Looking forward to working with you! 

Happy Friday!