Top 3 Reporting Apps For Shopify Merchants

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Tracking sales, tracking customers, tracking product fluctuations are the things that must be done when you are a Shopify seller. Tracking can take a lot of time (especially when you sell a wide variety of products), so there are plenty of apps in Shopify's app store to help you with that completely. automatic. Here are our top 3 picks for the must-have reporting / analysis apps for Shopify stores.


Top 1: Lucky Orange - Records How Customers Interact With Your Website


Lucky Orange is a Shopify app that helps you discover why customers left your store without making a purchase. They do this by recording a video of each visitor interacting with your website. Viewing visitor logs helps you see why people abandon carts, and the problem lies in the difficult operation of the website, or by price, etc.


In addition, the app offers visitor surveys, heat maps and live chat.


Top 2: Super Reports - Sums Up Your Important Metrics


Super Reports is the Shopify app that helps you aggregate important data and generate reports. The report templates are designed to be simple, beautiful, easy to understand, easy to use. The reports are packaged in a neat form, available in different formats and sent automatically to your email based on the schedule you set. 


In addition, this application also allows you to customize the existing report templates to decide what information will be included in the reports. This feature is very suitable if you have many employees to manage and each employee is only allowed to get certain information. Super Reports will help you manage your business more easily.


Top3: QuickBooks Bridge - Keeps Your Shopify Store In Sync With QuickBooks


QuickBooks Bridge is doing so well as its name - being the bridge between your Shopify store and your online QuickBooks account. The app can sync your Customers, Products, and Orders from Shopify to QuickBooks Online. Moreover, it supports multi-currencies, so if your Shopify store is in one currency and your QuickBooks account is in another, the app will properly sync the data based on the currencies. With this, you can manage your orders and income better.

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Really helpful! Thank you so much, I love the second app that you picked


Lucky Orange is one of my favourite apps, loved it, just made a Youtube tutorial video on how to use it with my experience, would like to share it here, so it would be easier for people to onboard. Here it is

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Glad to help out and wish your Shopify store great success.