Translation App Free for PageFly content

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Hi there!

I have a question regarding translating my shop. I want to use a free app for translations, for example "Translation Lab" (

This works fine for most of the content, but since I created some pages of my shop with the "PageFly" page builder app, it doesn't pick up this type of content for translation.

Is there a way to somehow modify the theme or content so that I can use the free translation app for the "PageFly" pages as well? Another option would be paying for Premium apps like Langify or Weglot...but if possible I want to avoid this.


PS: Using the Narrative Theme
PWD: letsmakeitbig


This is an accepted solution.

Hi @tomorrowgolf 

This is PageFly - a Free Landing Page Builder for more than 90000 Shopify merchants. Currently, PageFly works with Langify and Weglot, but no Translation Lab.

I hope you can understand for this. Feel free to contact us via Live chat if you need any help.


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