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ModeMagic is Trending Now! We are one of the most searched, most downloaded, & most loved apps in the Shopify App Store. We helped around 10,000+ Shopify Merchants solve the most important problem with their store: How to sell more on the store?

Trending App on ShopifyTrending App on Shopify

Though you can apply a badge on your store with simple codes, it’s a tedious process which takes up a lot of your time and effort. Also, if you don’t know how to code, which is absolutely fine, you may end up spending days trying to find the right code for one product badge.

With ModeMagic, you can apply a badge with a few clicks. You can design your own badge, put the text that you want on them, and apply them on your products in just 2 minutes. 

Not just that, you can even automate the hustle of stock labeling on your store. Let our smart AI take care of your most mundane task.

Guess what, we also won an award for building the Best User Experience on Shopify App Store. We like to keep things simple for our beloved users, and they love us back for just that. 

Thank you for your love. We are supercharged to help you grow your Shopify business with product badges & stickers. 

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