Trigger cart discounts if a specific product is added to the cart??

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Is there any way that I could trigger a discount on all products in a customer's shopping cart... except the specific product that I want to trigger the discount? So, a customer adds two book items into their cart. Both books show the normal price at first. But, when the 'member purchase' product is added to the cart, it triggers a 10% discount on the two books, but NOT the 'member purchase' product.

I'm trying to find ways to give a 'member discount' BEFORE I have a chance to tag someone's customer account as a 'member' and before they log in as a 'member' (customers who have already been tagged as members).

I can easily tag them after their order is created.. if that specific product exists in their order, but I want to give a discount on this first transaction, if possible.

Thanks for any thoughts!



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