Triggering a customer survey upon purchase of a specific product

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Hello Shopify Community, 


I've an interesting challenge I hope the experts amongst you would be able to help me with. 

I need to activate a customer survey when a customer successfully completes an order containing  a SPECIFIC product rather than ANY product. 


So far, I've looked at various integrators and survey / form builders but could find none that can trigger off a specific product handle, rather than basket. I guess a potential solution would be to create a pop-up module on the product detail page and save this data as line-item properties in the cart, however, I won't be able to code this myself and budget is tight so a no go at this stage. 


Any ideas / suggestions / pointers would be most welcome. 

Thank you

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Hello @Clarityblend


I realize this is the opposite flow, but have you considered having the customer fill out the survey first before they place the order? Depending on your use-case this might be an easier way to implement things without getting too heavy into custom code. 


Our Customer Fields app works great as survey tool and it's tightly integrated with Shopify. The app can automatically tag customers based on their responses, and you can even get the survey answers to show up inside the Customer Note (if needed). Here's a help article that explains how to use the app's redirect tools to automatically send customers to specific products (or checkout) once they fill out a form:


Hopefully this helps! If you have any questions, or if you'd like to learn more, just let me know 😎

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Hello @Clarityblend :)


This is Maria from AskBeat app. Our app, allows you sending a) automated and/or b) manual NPS  / customer satisfaction surveys, via email, to your store customers.


For both types of survey, you can edit the content of the survey email and survey page, so you can easily customize the survey for your specific product evaluation, e.g. “How likely are to your recommend [product name] to a friend or colleague?” in any language you wish. You can easily check it out by installing our app - you won't be charged, as there is a free plan available.


How AskBeat could meet your requirement for sending a survey when a specific product is included in the order?


Manual surveys: You can simply upload a list of your customers who have purchased the specific product and send them your NPS survey at any time.

Automated surveys: A survey email is triggered, scheduled and automatically sent to customers who have placed an order in your store. We could customize this functionality for you, so that an automated survey is sent when a particular product id is included in customer's order.


Please feel free to try out our app and if it meets your needs, we would be happy to provide you with a customization for the automated surveys feature.

Thank you

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