Trouble installing custom embedded app to development store

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Hi there.

I am attempting to create a custom embedded app. I'm following the tutorial at Build a Shopify App with Node and React with the only difference being that I created a custom instead of public app. 

Everything works great until I attempt to install the app in a development store. I follow the steps outlined at Authenticate and test your app 

  • In the Shopify Partner Dashboard, I click the Select store button located inside the Test your app card.
  • I click my development store.
  • The browser redirects me to my ngrok url:
  • I see my "Hello World" message in the browser. 

However, when I open my development store, and check the installed Apps, this app is not listed. Likewise, in the Partner Dashboard, this app shows 0 (zero) installs.

Is there something different I need to do to install a custom app in my development store? When I follow the tutorial and create a public app, everything works just fine.

Thank you for any insights!



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I have been spinning my wheels for hours trying to figure this out.

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This is an accepted solution.

I haven't gone through this tutorial, but if the sample app is directing you to this link:


that means it's skipping the step where it generates the permissionUrl which is what's actually required to install the app ( in the 'Authenticate with OAuth'):



In order to install it for your development store, manually create the above URL for now with your development store's shopOrigin. If you get some weird error that says "you can't install this app using this link, contact the developer" then in your custom app, you need to actually specify the merchant shop (your development store). You'll do this by generating a custom merchant install link (which doesn't work), but after you've specified the merchant, you will be able to then use the above URL to install. 

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Thank you @policenauts1 !

Your post led me to retrace my steps and find where I missed a step with the authentication process.