Trustpilot, Trustspot, Yotpo recommendations

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Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice as to which one of these (if any) is worthwhile.

The aim I want here is to get our google rating on google customer reviews, so our rating would come up on display ads and google searches. I have set all this up in Merchant Centre but you need at least 150 reviews before you get started and im crawling along at a handful a week (at this rate i'll hit this someitme in 2019!) so i'd like to give it a boost.

All of the above seem to have a free price for a minimial service and then an eyewatering price for the next tier! We're still a small startup and couldnt justify the 300 dollars a month. I am looking at the free versions of each but they seem to have awful reviews, one merchant says it was the worse decision they made as it just accrued negative reviews and you cannot comment to rectify the situaiton unless you bump upto 300 dollars a month! We pride ourelves on our service but a comment like this massively puts me off.

Has anyone had any experiences with these services and the free versions, do you recommend them and do they boost your google seller rating? 


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I’ve noticed quite a few shops featured on the Shopify Masters podcast use the platform, which is impossible to search for on the forum. It just won’t do it. Shopify needs to fix that.

Stamped seems to do everything Yotpo does for $99/mo, and even the cheaper packages seem to be useful for many websites.

Haven’t decided on the review system I’m going to use for my current client, either. Sort of down to Yotpo vs for us.

Although I can see Loox being excellent for products that buyer’s love to photograph themselves. If you have a product that is extremely photo friendly, that may be a good option, too. Photos are excellent for SEO


Hey Steve_Kinder!


Yotpo is more expensive but super reliable and offers high quality integrations that will help you get the most out of your UGC. 



Klaviyo integration that helps you to enrich your email campaigns with social proof and trigger campaigns based on reviewes.

Fomo integration that helps you to promote recent purchases and product reviews in real-time. 

Flashchat integration that helps you include reviews, ratings and promoted product on cart recovery campaigns sent on Facebook Messenger. 



Let me know if could help you furtgher with this.