Trying Embedded SDK APIs APP Private APP or Alternative Method (Not submit to Shopify store)

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We have developed an APP that we only want to install on our own Shopify sites and maybe release on the Shopify APP Store at a later date. We tried to install as a Private APP, however, my developer said due to the way we built the APP using 'embedded SDK APIs' (see developers not below), we can't install as a private APP. 


Are there any other ways to install this type of APP privately or only on our stores, aka not having to go through the Shopify APP Store Submission process?


' Private apps additionally cannot use the embedded SDK APIs, which means you can’t embed a private app into the Shopify admin area."


Thanks for your time and help. 



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If your plan is to release it later on the App Store, I would suggest just continuing it to be Embedded App.

The approach also depends on what the app does exactly.

The use-case of Private App's differ from that of an Embedded App. You can find more details about it here


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