Trying to Get Shopify Website to work with Shopkeep POS

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My client has decided to keep Shopkeep as a POS due to the card reader having to be seperate with the Shopify POS system.


 They want ShopKeep as it stores all the signatures and reciepts digitally, and not have to use a seperate system and manually keep paper reciepts.


 My problem is then there will be two physical inventories, I was unsure if anyone has dealt with this before.. my look on it is as follows


1) take Shopkeep database, compare to itself from previous day (After store hours) get the different +/- to see how many of each item sold.

2) take Shopify Data and do the same thing, for previous day vs. today and get +/- number of each SKU item.

 3) then merge this new data together and push back to each database.


 Sounds like a pain.. anyone ever do this? or have a way for a card reader to directly connect to the tablet running Shopify POS and keep copies of the reciepts digitally?


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I have the same problem. Have you figured it out ?