Trying to get gift baskets set with inventory working

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I have a question and while I have researched it here, I cannot find a solution currently. I would like to create gift baskets and I am trying to set them up.  I have things OK EXCEPT that I cannot get inventory to cross-work between the basket and the individual sale items.  For instance, I have 17 items for sale separately, with inventory quantities.  I would like to offer a gift basket where someone can pick three of 15 of those items and there will be the other 2 items automatically placed in the basket.  There would be one unit cost for said basket.  However, of those 3 picks of the 15 options, they need to record as bought within the inventory, as do the two automatically placed items, so that the separate sales along the basket sales are all pulling from the same inventory.  I hope this make sense.  I have SKU numbers in use for all of these items, but it looks like shopify is using TWO different inventories for two types of sales.  I hope someone has a solution.  Thank you in advance.