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Hi all,

I have a problem i will try lay out and make clear to undertsand.

I am in the UK but my site I am building will target the US market and my supplier is also US based and will be shipping from Georgia to the rest of the US and also offering international shipping.

They use UPS & USPS offering the different shipping options within the US as well as International shipping options too.

I have all my products set with the correct weight but as I am not the shipper and am in the UK the normal set up process a business would go through then get all calculation tools and automated price sytems I cannot.

I have a fair amount of product so far and will have around 600 items when complete.

All apps regarding this work on the basis you have an account and theyll print labels etc but this is not what i need.

What i need appears to be available built within shopify's top tier platform costing $147 a month which i have no need for over the basic at presnt other than the specific feature...

"Carrier calculated shipping

Enable FedEx, UPS, USPS or other carriers to get real-time shipping rates for your customers."

I do not see why i should be held to ransom to get this feature?

Why is this not available as an app on it's own?

Any help suggestions be greatly appreciated, my store is getting near to being a site set up to sell and sorting out the shipping is of highest priority.

If anyone can be of assistance please let me know, or if needs anything explaining in further detail then please just ask I really need to get this all set up pretty urgently.

Many thanks


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As far as I could understand your problem, you are from the UK, but want to operate your business from your warehouse(which is in Georgia, USA). You already have accounts with UPS and USPS and want to ship items from Georgia to the rest of the country. If that is the case, you can very easily manage this by using the Multi carrier shipping label app. With this app, you can set up your own UPS, USPS accounts and get real time shipping rates at checkout. In addition, the problem of getting shipping quotes from the warehouse address is also solved, as you can define a rule with 'ship from' address as the warehouse address.

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