[URGENT] Which are the best online course and gating content (memebrship) apps you've used?

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I'm currently building an online course as well as a membership-based herbal/nutirtion library along with selling my physical products.

I've been looking at thinkific plug-in, but have no idea about the gated content part.  So any suggestion?

Thank you!!

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For gated content, I would recommend using customer accounts and tags. When customers make a qualifying purchase, add a customer tag (ie: "member) and then use an app like Locksmith to hide products/collections unless customer tag = "member".

You might also try the Customer Fields app to manage customer tags.

Here's a possible flow using Customer Fields and Locksmith:

  • Customer purchases membership product
  • Send email with link to a hidden form (ie: /pages/member-registration)
  • Customer completes your registration form and your customer tag is automatically added.
  • Customer can now access member-only/gated content


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