Unable to connect Facebook Page / Business Manager after updated sales channel

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Hello. I've been in a loop for days. Every time I want to connect my Shopify to FB I come to the app page. I then install the Chanel and connect my account. When I want to connect my business manager, the message "Something went wrong when trying to connect your business manager comes over and over again. Please try again later."

I have tried it several times now to reinstall the shop etc. and sometimes it connects the business manger and shows a bug only at the page connection. Also, the setting page does not work either. The following message appears: "This Page can't be loaded right now. A technical problem prevented this page from loading. Reload this page, visit another page in Facebook, or try again later."

When I go to the commerce manager and want to work on the shop it takes me straight to Shopify and the FB app. I did install that many times, but it’s not connecting my FB page. So I ended up doing a new page and it works for that one. I can see in the background that it's aktive, but I can't do any changes with it without going straight to the shopify app store and thats it.

Slowly I'm really losing my mind. With the old shop everything went super easy. Can you please help me?

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