Unable to create Store front Api key

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Hi everyone I have a problem with generating "Store front Api key". the steps that I have taken are list in below.

1- create a public app in the partner dashboard and save it

2-edit the app, and check to be a sale channel

3-in app clicked the "test on development store"

4-I select one store

5-Shopify is redirected to a page that shows access scops

6-I copy the URL and add unauthenticated access scopes to it, and past it again

7-I query "shop {storefrontAccessTokens(first:10) { ..." which I get error  "GraphQL error: Access denied for storefrontAccessTokens field."

8- I even install GrapghQI for the store and also add unauthenticated access to it too but still getting the error "Access denied for storefrontAccessTokens field."


Thanks in advance