Unlisted Public Shopify App with Minimal UI

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We have a POS application that installs on a user's desktop computer and hosts a database on that computer.  This application can sync with Shopify to pull new products, orders, and customer information into the desktop application using the Shopify API.

Currently, to have our users integrate with Shopify, we do the following:

  1. Create a private app for their store with certain read/write permissions to give our application access to sync correctly
  2. Give our desktop application access to the Shopify API using the API key that's generated
  3. Users perform the sync from their desktop application to keep both Shopify and their local database up to date

This has resulted in a lot of overhead and mistakes that could be avoided in the future by automating this process.

Proposed solution

We want to create an unlisted public Shopify app that sets read/write permissions automatically.  Everybody that installs the app would have the same permissions, and we wouldn't need to manually configure Shopify access for each client like we do now.

We want the app to basically behave the same as a private app, meaning there's not much interaction that the user has with the Shopify UI.  Instead it would give us a way to sync products/orders with Shopify from our desktop application using the Shopify API.


Would an unlisted public app with very little UI be able to pass the Shopify App Store review process? 

The app would make heavy use of the Shopify API since the main goal would be syncing products and orders between Shopify and our desktop application.