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Recently I was creating an app for Shopify. I have created the app but before publishing to the store I am thinking to give some Shopify stores for validation. Like feedback, feature building, etc for 6 months. I have some Shopify store owners who are eagerly waiting to test the app. I have some questions like,


1. Can I install an unlisted app in the customer's stores and use billing?

2. Is there any other issue related to Shopify?

3. I want to access all the API provided by Shopify. So if there any issue associated with unlisted app?



Any help appreciated

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I believe there is no difference between a listed or an unlisted apps. Listed apps are verified and marketed by Shopify, so that grows faster than unlisted apps. If your app doesn't interrupt any terms of Shopify, then it will be okay to install in merchants' store and you can also use billing API to charge them.

Regarding terms, as long as you use Shopify APIs, you are not breaking any terms. Also you shop's customers are not taken to any third party payment processor while checking out.

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Hi @tsuj,


Nick here from Shopify. 


You can add an unlisted app to a Shopify store, but something to always remember is that the store owner would assume the risk of any consequences as private apps are not governed by Shopify. Something else to note is that the billing for the app would not go through Shopify's billing API either. Everything would be separate from Shopify for a private app. 


Hope this helps and answers your question!


All the best, Nick



Nick | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hey thanks for the reply. So an unlisted app can't use the billing API. But
while IAM testing IAM able to create billing for the app. I am planning to
use Shopify billing for my unlisted app.