[Update] Here's why Mailchimp is no longer in the Shopify App Store

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Looks like Seguno is a big NO for me. Many of my newsletter subscribers come in from my WP blog or from customers at shows/markets. Seguno looks like it only plays with Shopify.  I'm still frustrated. 

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Maybe Mailmunch?
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I also agree with Shopify.  I need to know a lot more information than Mailchimp "allows".  Knowing information about my customers will help me in choosing the proper demographics in my marketing and keep me from just throwing "stuff" against the wall to see what sticks.  That data is priceless and I as the owner of my company MUST have access to it.

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@kblack you have access to that data. The issue is Shopify wants guaranteed access to it now as well, which is the problem.

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Hello Everyone,


Here is what the popular Shopify Theme company OutOfTheSandbox recommends as Mailchimp alternatives.   https://outofthesandbox.com/blogs/shopify-theme-blog/finding-the-right-email-marketing-platform-for-...



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